Here are the results of a recent test with the brilliantly creative Tamzin Ferdinando on Props and the unflappable Sophie Foot on food styling. 

I've been doing a LOT more tests recently. I think I got a bit bogged down in the 'day to day' for a lot of last year, and the tests I DID do reminded me how essential it is to dip a toe into a bigger creative pool and occasionally swim right out of sight of your comfort zone.

Well, I don't mid admitting a few of the shots I took last year were noticeably dark in tone; rich shadows, inky blue surfaces, tarnished metals and even a test devoted totally to BLACK. I think those winter months really affect me in ways I haven't noticed before. I started up a Pinterest board just after Christmas that was the complete opposite of all of these things; a bright, sugar coated pill to ease the pain of a long, grey November.

A Screenshot of my Pinterest board, which is usually how I start to brainstorm for a test. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE BOARD ITSELF.

A Screenshot of my Pinterest board, which is usually how I start to brainstorm for a test. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE BOARD ITSELF.

I have worked with Tamzin before on our 'Orange and Black' test, and this sort of brief is totally up her street. I'm so glad she was on board and able to bring the slightly abstract pins on the Pinterest board (which featured contributions from all three of us by the shoot day itself) to life in a way that would work for a food shoot - not an easy task. Not to mention all the crafty ideas Tamzin brings to the shoot on the day that make it truly special.

Sophie, who I'd met not long before whilst assisting together on an unforgettable cook book shoot, came up with some ideas for the food that would hold its own against a strong colour palate and went above and beyond in the week running up to the test day to make sure her homemade marshmallows(I know, right?!) were perfect. We also had jars of pickles in mind for the shoot so Sophie reportedly had jars of brightly coloured things stashed around her flat for a week before the test even began!

In the end we settled on variety of pickles in jars, a rainbow Asian-inspired salad with kale, avocado, slivers of pickled red onions (straight from the jar) and butternut squash, homemade marshmallows with pistachio and raspberry crumb (a perfect gift, we decided), and rhubarb ice lollies. We even had time to make a rhubarb Bellini. Yum.

I'm thrilled with how the images turned out and I hope the guys are too (they assure me this is the case) and even more happy that spring has sprung and I get to drop some colour into my growing portfolio. 

More tests next month, including a new cocktail shoot just in time for drinking outdoors - one of my favourite activites.

H x

Food styling: Sophie Foot
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Tamzin Ferdinando

Orange and Black.

First test of the new year and I've not been able to put these up on my site until now!

In December last year Tamzin Ferdinando, prop styling legend, suggested doing a test together with a theme she'd been working on - Orange and Black. I was IN.

I shot this, with the marvellous Amy Stephenson doing the food styling, the week before the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards deadline and from what I could piece together from the small print you can't advertise online that you're submitting an image so I thought it best to keep them back for a few weeks and avoid screwing it up altogether. I've been meaning to submit work to this competition for a couple of years and never felt particularly strongly about any of my images but I'm determined to enter from now on; every year they put on a fabulous free exhibition and showcases food photographers from around the world and I'm happy to support anything that raises the standard industry-wide.

Anyway, long story short.....they weren't shortlisted. Oh well, better luck next year! I've already got an extremely exciting test booked in for the next few weeks with a new stylist and my Pinterest is a hive of activity right now.  Keep an eye out for new work, my new logo, and a blog post about some new books I've bought.

Do you submit your work anywhere or has your work ever won you any awards? 

H x

Food styling: Amy Stephenson
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Tamzin Ferdinando

Instagram Roundup 2.

Ahhh, The bi-annual Instagram roundup is here! Oooh look, there are Christmas cookies and prop house discoveries, trips to Blackpool pleasure beach and snapshots of my breakfast!

Occasionally I dream of a beautifully curated, carefully thought out Instagram account, with similar tones and a million followers and then I remember that I'm terrible at keeping diaries and this is the closest I'll get to documenting my sometimes strange, always different, super fortunate existence....Then I think of how grateful I'll be in 60 years that I shot my view from the bus, or my efforts towards becoming a photographer full time or a pic of Scott and I looking youthful and goofy and happy.

Merry Christmas!

I'd just like to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone I've worked with this year; all the excellent photographers, food stylists, prop stylists; all the lovely assistants, art directors and clients - it's been a hell of a year!

Thank you to all my friends who make me laugh and keep me sane, my family who are patient and funny and feed me often...and thanks to my long-suffering, kind, generous, amazing man.

Happy holidays from me and mine to you and yours, enjoy your festive break and have a truly fabulous 2017. I shall be dashing and prancing across the midlands and south of the UK to see family before spending the new year in London with friends. What are you upto?

H x

Christmas dinner in tree-form shot & styled by myself.

Instagram Roundup 1.

If you don't Instagram, or maybe you spent your summer outdoors and NOT on your phone (unlike myself), enjoy a little 'TLDR' of the summer of '16.

Basically, I ate a lot, took pictures of animals and own too many pairs of converse.


Autumn Fare.

The turn in the weather over the last few days has me buying a new winter coat, busting out the slow cooker and turning to books for more comfort food ideas. It's the season for classics, with little twists. It's only a matter of time before I'm toad-in-the-hole-ing, and yes, that IS a verb.

Amy Stephenson (food styling superstar, recipe writer, assistant and very funny lady) and I did a test at the beginning of the week and I've been trying to catch up on the retouching all week -  that's the trouble with getting so much done in one day!

I'm just getting all my ducks in a row before I get the images up but in the meantime, here are a few shots, and a little GIF we did right at the end of the day, spoons poised and with fading evening light...Yum.


I was pleased to announce my lunch that day included that gorgeously earthy mushroom tart, a danish lunchtime treat and lots of drizzled honey over baked figs. MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

H x

PS. Anyone need that mousse recipe?

Food styling: Amy Stephenson
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Hannah Hughes

India's Street Food.

This weekend was a busy one! On Saturday evening my family and I walked a half marathon around the landmarks of London, reaching the finish line at half past midnight. I woke up very proud and very achey! My late night was soon put to the back of my mind, however, when I hopped out of bed and headed to the studio for a long overdue test with fab food stylist Jas Jhalli.

We'd been talking about the possibility of an Indian streetfood-inspired shoot since we tested together back in March. Testing as an assistant is always tricky; quite often you get to the late stage of organising a day together when a block booking of paid work lands in your lap and its impossible (understandably!) to turn down. Well, Jas and I have been very VERY busy this summer, which is fantastic for us both! 

I'm pleased to announce....we finally found a day and we think the results were worth the wait!

I met Jas at prop house China & Co the week before to discuss the food. I'm no expert on authentic Indian food (I just eat it regularly!) so I was incredibly lucky that Jas IS and wanted to come along - we were able to discuss the processes and look of the recipes ahead of time. I was also very grateful that Jas brings back lots of lovely items from India whenever she visits so we had lots of extra props on hand on the day that made the images special! 

I had a fabulous day and am extremely happy with how the images came out. Plus, everything tasted as delicious as it looks and took me right back to the samosas I ate with our friends at NID.

Food styling & floristry: Jaswinder Jhalli
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Jaswinder Jhalli & Hannah Hughes