Autumn Fare.

The turn in the weather over the last few days has me buying a new winter coat, busting out the slow cooker and turning to books for more comfort food ideas. It's the season for classics, with little twists. It's only a matter of time before I'm toad-in-the-hole-ing, and yes, that IS a verb.

Amy Stephenson (food styling superstar, recipe writer, assistant and very funny lady) and I did a test at the beginning of the week and I've been trying to catch up on the retouching all week -  that's the trouble with getting so much done in one day!

I'm just getting all my ducks in a row before I get the images up but in the meantime, here are a few shots, and a little GIF we did right at the end of the day, spoons poised and with fading evening light...Yum.


I was pleased to announce my lunch that day included that gorgeously earthy mushroom tart, a danish lunchtime treat and lots of drizzled honey over baked figs. MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

H x

PS. Anyone need that mousse recipe?

Food styling: Amy Stephenson
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Hannah Hughes