Frost & Frosting.

As part of my New Years resolution, I've been making a conscious effort to test at least once a month. I'm lucky to meet fantastic prop stylists, food stylists and assistants through my job and when I hit it off with a food styling assistant on the job who's more or less in the same situation as me - busy, inspired and looking to add to their personal portfolio - I jump at the chance to work with them!

I met Jaswinder Jhalli, a kick-ass food styling assistant and cheeriest person I've ever met, on a Sainsbury's shoot and have been emailing back and forth for months trying to organise a test.  Finally, late last month, we got together one Saturday after a bit of brainstorming and had a fun and creative day of cakes, tarts and sweet treats.

Take a peek at our favourite shot; we nicknamed this guy "The Beast".

We set ourselves a brief of sorts; we wanted something wintry (an actual word, apparently. I checked), with seasonal fruits and wild flowers.  We intentionally avoided that dark, austere look that winter shoots occasionally have and was instead inspired by crisp frosty foggy mornings, cool daylight and long shadows. Recipes were written or amended by Jas, props were sourced by myself and magnolias were "borrowed" from a front garden somewhere in Islington.

I look forward to testing more in the coming months, both with Jas and other awesome, talented stylists! 


H x

Food Styling: Jaswinder Jhalli
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Hannah Hughes