India's Street Food.

This weekend was a busy one! On Saturday evening my family and I walked a half marathon around the landmarks of London, reaching the finish line at half past midnight. I woke up very proud and very achey! My late night was soon put to the back of my mind, however, when I hopped out of bed and headed to the studio for a long overdue test with fab food stylist Jas Jhalli.

We'd been talking about the possibility of an Indian streetfood-inspired shoot since we tested together back in March. Testing as an assistant is always tricky; quite often you get to the late stage of organising a day together when a block booking of paid work lands in your lap and its impossible (understandably!) to turn down. Well, Jas and I have been very VERY busy this summer, which is fantastic for us both! 

I'm pleased to announce....we finally found a day and we think the results were worth the wait!

I met Jas at prop house China & Co the week before to discuss the food. I'm no expert on authentic Indian food (I just eat it regularly!) so I was incredibly lucky that Jas IS and wanted to come along - we were able to discuss the processes and look of the recipes ahead of time. I was also very grateful that Jas brings back lots of lovely items from India whenever she visits so we had lots of extra props on hand on the day that made the images special! 

I had a fabulous day and am extremely happy with how the images came out. Plus, everything tasted as delicious as it looks and took me right back to the samosas I ate with our friends at NID.

Food styling & floristry: Jaswinder Jhalli
Photography: Hannah Hughes
Prop Styling: Jaswinder Jhalli & Hannah Hughes