Instagram Roundup 3.

So here it is, non-followers. Instagram Roundup 3. I am putting this up here today because I reached 400 followers this morning and wanted to look back on the last 3-4 months of 'best bits!

I've had a rare 'relaxation' holiday to Malta with the SO, I spent a week at The Savoy, I've been testing nearly twice a month since April and have finally been on my first trip abroad for work - to Italy no less!

Got a few more tests in the diary, lots of work with new photographers and even a little trip to Cornwall later in the year, where I hope to get some video shot for a bit of practice!

Instagram Roundup 1.

If you don't Instagram, or maybe you spent your summer outdoors and NOT on your phone (unlike myself), enjoy a little 'TLDR' of the summer of '16.

Basically, I ate a lot, took pictures of animals and own too many pairs of converse.